Career Development Plan

Career Development Plan

Career Development PlanThere is no doubt to say that you are totally responsible to decide which career you will like to have, and your actions to move forward into your career, and that is why a career development plan is so important. Just like how no one else can breathe for you, it is you who needs to breathe in order to live. Not a single person can do your career for you or live a career development plan for you; it is you who has to do your own career development plan. Even if a beautiful career was given to you easily over others, you would still have to perform the position that was given to you which requires you to come up with the goods to perform the responsibility of that position within the career itself, and even then do you still need a career development plan. Now, you may acquire support from your families, friends, your supervisors, managers, professors, teachers, life coaches, and even your agency can provide you with meaningful assistance within the process of unfolding your career development plan.

Your Career Development Plan

Your career development plan consists of activities and actions where you can achieve your individual career goals. Career development plan and/or planning is an ongoing process where you:

Explore your abilities, career, and interests: This is the first and the most important step to take  not only within your career development plan but also in your personal development and self-improvement plan. It is imperative that you discover, awaken, and access your inmate creative talents, gifts, and abilities, this will assist you in your career development plan. When your abilities are nurtured and developed properly it will be easy for you to know which career you want to move into; thus, knowing how to create and stay focus on your career development plan. If it just so happens that you are not aware of your birthright gifts and talents, then you need to begin the process of learning how to awaken your potential inmate gifts and talents. I have a FREE video that explains this process in greater depth, just click here.

As a child makes effort to learn to walk, they tumble and fall at first, but as they get used to walking on their feet they learn to maintain and sustain their ability of movement. As you are conscience of your natural talents, gifts, and abilities you would know what interests you in life, this is where you become informed and instructed in creating your career development plan naturally. It is at this point that you go out and utilize these resources that match your interests and apply these resources to your career development plan. Explore these resources and just know that first you may tumble and fall, but after a while you would know precisely what is it that you want to do and you will be able to maintain and sustain the evolution of your career development plan.

Strategically plan your career goals and vision: Once you have a decent fare amount and/or a full understanding of your natural talents, gifts, and creative abilities, now you are in a position to know your interests in life which gives you a sense of purpose and vision. Then you can easily envision and create your future work success by designing your career development plan, and learning from the resources that you know you will need along your career development plan, and taking action plans to help you achieve your goals.

Conduct self-assessment: Every organization, institution, and family always gather in a meeting to talk about the things that they need to assess, WHY? To come up with solutions to improve what is agreed to be the limitations that are the road block that get in the way of your career development plan. Just as every organization, institution and family members come together, individually speaking, you too will need to conduct your own personalized self-assessment, so you can strategically plan to overcome your limitation that may complicate your career development plan, this is a necessity. This meditative self-assessment gives you the ability to psychologically understand what it is that you need to improve about yourself in order for you to adapt to your career development plan. It creates space for you to cease the opportunity to be flexible in your life, as well as, bringing yourself back to your career development plan when you are distracted by the irrelevancies of life.

Deciding your career development plan

As you explore and discover your interests, and as you can envision and strategically plan the course of actions, the one thing that is the most important is having the passion, the joy, and the edginess to move into the depth of your awaiting experiences. No one can do this, but you, because, this is your life, your experiences, your evolution. It truly comes down to you, to just decide to commit to your life’s career development plan.

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                      ~Luis A Garcia jr~

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